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  •   VISION

Improve the inheritance of the Chinese (China) family business, through the sustainable development of the family business, in order to implement “a strong family makes the country stronger”, and make significant contributions to the “two centenary” national development goals.



Combining elites with rich practical experience in the overseas Chinese wealth management market and cooperating with international prestigious schools, with Western professional theoretical knowledge and rich and mature experience in wealth management, tailor-made training, research, and consulting are integrated to provide all-round solutions to improve the quality of domestic wealth management talents. 



The leader of Chinese family inheritance, the partner of family business customers, the beacon of private practitioners.



The Asia Pacific Elite Wealth Management Institute (APACEWMI) was established in Hong Kong in 2014, and has been the leader in serving elites. It is based in the Asia-Pacific and faces Mainland China. It combines elites with rich practical experience in the field of Chinese wealth management at home and abroad. Under the concept of “Academic Perfection”, it focuses on the training of private bankers at the head office level of private banks in Mainland China, the research of family inheritance of 200 million to 10 billion RMB family business, and the research of Taiwanese family business inheritance.

The parent company of the Asia Pacific Elite Wealth Management Institute is Pro Finance Group, which was established in Taiwan in 2000 and expanded to Hong Kong (Plate 9) and Singapore (EAM) in 2003 and 2004. In 2005, it established an asset management company in Taiwan. Actively promote the wealth management business in Asia and provide comprehensive solutions for wealth management.

Formulating wealth management standards in 2019: As the main drafter, participated in the formulation of the “Financial Practice Standardized Wealth Management” standard that will be issued by the People’s Bank of China in the future under the jurisdiction of the National Financial Standardization Technical Committee of China.

In June 2020, APACEWMI took a strategic partnership with the Chinese Family Succession Research Center (CFSRC)  at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, aiming to assist in the implementation of “a strong family makes a stronger country”, complement each other with “academic” and “practice”, and make a significant contribution to the national development goal of “Two Centenaries”, so as to explore the way of family inheritance in line with Chinese and assist the sustainable development of family enterprises.



  •   Macro analysis and family succession training programs​

– Through PSTEEP macro trend analysis of population, society, technology, economy, environment and politics of the world, mainland China and Taiwan, explore new opportunities for enterprises under the transformation strategy of mainland China and Taiwan.

– Through the analysis of research data, explore the success and failure factors of family succession gaps and global family business inheritance cases, and think about the current family succession models in China and Taiwan.

– Through the analysis of family members’ personality traits, explore how to optimize family intergenerational communication patterns.

– Improve the preservation and appreciation of family wealth inheritance through the use of assets allocation, insurance and trust in the “504 Plan”.

– Partners include: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (headquarters), China Construction Bank (headquarters), China Minsheng Bank (headquarters), CCB Trust, Peking University Guanghua School of Management, Insurance Marketing Group.

  •   Research on the succession of Chinese families

Aiming at private bankers, high-net-worth individuals and family business customers, combining financial practice with professional academic research, providing private banks with a full range of consulting services on organizational structure and research services for high-net-worth individuals and family customers in mainland China and Taiwan , The published reports are as follows:

        • –    2017 China Family Wealth Management and Inheritance Report   |  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 

–    2020 Taiwanese Family Business Inheritance White Paper   |  PwC Taiwan

  •   Family succession advisory services


Through academic research and survey data, analyze the needs and pain points of family succession in China and Taiwan. Through successful family succession cases at home and abroad, we provide the most suitable inheritance solutions for Chinese mainland and Taiwanese families and plans for the development of succession ability for future generations.

        • Business results with partners:  Provided the consultation report of the family office of China Construction Bank Shenzhen Branch and Guangdong Branch in 2018.


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