Chinese Family Succession Research Centre offers a series of seminars on family succession aiming to equip participants the latest knowledge on the transfer of family capitals to the next generations in the Greater China region.  The series contains eight seminars of various topics on family succession including family wealth accumulation and preservation, family trust, and family governance.  Each seminar is lasted for 2 hours facilitated by an academic or experienced practitioner of the field.  A certificate of attendance is awarded to participants of each seminar.




Those are working in the banking, finance, and insurance industry with responsibilities on family succession planning, wealth management and related services:

    •  Relationship managers

    •  Investment managers

    •  Insurance consultants

    •  Financial planners

    •  Retirement advisors

    •  Tax advisors

Family heads and regulators are welcome to join individual seminars of the topic that they are interested.



FS-1  Overview of Family Succession

    •  Understanding family succession and challenges

    •  Global cases on family succession

FS-2  Survey Findings on Family Succession
    •  Voice from the family heads in the Greater China region

    •  Business implications and opportunities

FS-3  Family Wealth Accumulation and Preservation
    •  Custody and intergenerational gifts

    •  Estate planning and family trust

FS-4  Family Trust Establishment and Trust Law
    •  Trust products for the wealthy

    •  Legal and regulatory framework of setting up a family trust

FS-5  Family Constitution and Governance
    •  Family constitution and family business

    •  Formal and informal family governance

FS-6  Family Office and Family Succession
    •  Family council and family office

    •  Types of modern family office and functions

FS-7  Share Transfer and Ownership of Family Business
    •  Wealth inheritance and share transfer

    •  Management succession and ownership succession of a family business

FS-8  Family Succession and Taxation
    •  Family’s asset allocation and succession plan

    •  Tax strategies of family succession


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