Professor FU Ho Ying, Jeanne




Department of Management


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Email: jeannefu@hsu.edu.hk

Dr Fu Ho Ying obtained her PhD from The University of Hong Kong and upon graduation, she joined Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University as a post-doctoral fellow. Prior to joining HSUHK, she has worked in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and City University of Hong Kong. She is primarily interested in how multiculturals organise and use their cultural knowledge learnt from different cultural traditions, and how people from different cultures vary in their lay perception of social actions. Recently, she develops theoretical frameworks that explain individual behaviours in cross-cultural settings, such as multiculturalism, expatriation and inter-cultural interactions, and applies her theories in various organisational behaviours such as leadership, conflict resolution and team dynamics. She publishes her work in both disciplines of psychology and management.



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