Family Succession Research Seminar Series:

Does Informal Family Governance Enhance Family Harmony and Promote Family Business Performance


Dr. Kenneth K. Kwong

Co-Director, Chinese Family Succession Research Centre



Dr. Amen Lee

President, Legacy Academy

Honorary Research Fellow, Chinese Family Succession Research Centre

The first seminar of family succession research series was successfully held on 7 May 2021 in Pong Hong Siu Chu Lecture Hall of S H Ho Academic Building. The seminar was well attended with half of the participants came from industry. Dr. Kenneth K. Kwong, a Co-Director of the Centre presented the preliminary research findings on informal family governance (IFG) on family harmony (FHY) and family business performance (FBP) of his team. The data initially supported the proverb of harmony bringing family wealth and prosperity. Several participants, who are the 2nd generation of local SMEs, echoed the findings with their own family story. Dr. Amen Lee, an Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre, concluded the discussion with the principle of relationships first before any businesses. Such principle holds even for family affairs. In the coming days, CFSRC will continue to organize seminars and other related family succession activities to engage family businesses not only in local but also in the mainland China and Taiwan.   

Dr. Thomas Man, Associate Dean (Enterprise and Business Engagement) of SBUS, welcomed guests and colleagues to the seminar.
Dr. Kenneth K. Kwong, Co-Director of CFSRC, presented the preliminary findings of the research on informal family governance.
Dr. Amen Lee, President of Legacy Academy and Honorary Research Fellow of CFSRC, led the discussion.
Mr. Alfred Mu, Executive Director of Ka Yue Plumbing Limited and Research Associate of CFSRC, echoed the research findings with his family story.

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